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History of Rann Utsav and Activities to Do

Rann Utsav is the world famous Cultural Events of Gujarat. Rann Utsav also terms as Rann of Kutch. Kutch Festival Organized by the Gujarat Tourism at Kutch Gujarat, Rann Utsav promotes natural beauty and other important features of the stunning landscape of Kutch. During the full moon nights in the winter season, the white sand desert looks all the more mesmerizing.

How to Reach Rann Utsav, Amenities, Facts and Attractions

Rann Utsav is the famous and cultural event of Gujarat organized in the winter months, Rann Utsav is one of the most vibrant and unique festivals in India. When travelers plan to visit Kutch festival they have some confusion because they don’t know the amenities available, how to reach here and where to visit in Kutch to see the beauty of Kutch festival.

10 Reasons to Visit Gujarat Rann Utsav

Winters can be harsh, cruel and monotonous. But, with Rann Utsav just around the corner, you don’t have to sit in a dark corner and curse the season. Rann Utsav starts from 1st of November and continues till 20 February. This is a place to have fun, relax, enjoy and create numerous memories that will be cherished forever.

Why Gujarat is called Gujarat and it s Famous For?

The state of Gujarat took its name from the Gurjara tribe (not be confused with gujjars or gurjar). 'Gurjara' is a sanskritized for Bhils of Gujarat whom are largest tribal group in Gujarat. The place was ruled by Ashapalli a Bhil king. The kingdom had its capital named Ashaval in the pre-medieval period which is currently the largest city of Gujarat Ahmadabad.

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